Eye Makeup Application semi permanent eyelash glue

Eye makeup application is one of the last few steps involved in the makeup application routine. It is a step that completes the makeup preparation, for often a little foundation and eye makeup is all you would need to pull of a glamorous and exciting look. It is the eye makeup routine of the entire makeup application process that really brings out the beauty of the makeup, also could make the difference between a natural look, an exotic look, or a demure but sexy look semi permanent eyelash glue.

Eye makeup comprises of all the makeup and makeup accessories that you would use to decorate or highlight your eyes. These include eye shadows, eyeliners, mascaras and even fake semi permanent eyelash glue. In fact, a good eyeliner and/ or eye shadow is all you could really need for one of the most beautiful eye makeup routines ever – irregardless of if you are in a hurry or if you simply prefer the softer look.

semi permanent eyelash glue
semi permanent eyelash glue

The first step of the eye makeup routine is to cover the eyes with foundation in the color of your skin tone. This is the basic step of every makeup routine, so one would assume that if you are making up you eye then you would be applying makeup to your entire face as well. The foundation application is necessary for the illusion of perfectly flawless skin with an even complexion semi permanent eyelash glue.

OnceĀ  tssdi the foundation is on, you can proceed to apply the eye shadow over the brow of the eyes and the crease of the eyelids themselves. The most recent trends in eye shadow application have seen a shift from the traditional three-color applications on the brow, the crease and the lid (from the lightest to the darkest colors) towards a single layer application or even a two layer application.

Generally though, a lighter color on the brow bone gives the impression of a brighter face and has the tendency to open up the eyes a bit more. Darker colors are commonly used at the crease of the eyelids for a dramatic effect. Additionally, natural tones or mild applications are common for daytime applications but bolder tones and colors are the popular trends for nighttimes.

Once the eye shadow has been applied, carefully brush off any extra eye shadow that may have gotten on your semi permanent eyelash glue or cheeks with your translucent (or brown powder) powder brush for a smooth finish.

The application of the eye shadow can be a stand alone eye makeup, or you could touch up with some eyeliner of your choice on the edge of the eyelid – heavy lines make a dramatic and bold statement, while finer lines are more subtle and demure.

semi permanent eyelash glue
semi permanent eyelash glue

Another eye makeup routine that accents the eye shadow but is totally optional is the mascara application. Long eyelashes are a wonderful accent to the face, and highlight the eyes even more. If you do not have long semi permanent eyelash glue and you desire the dramatic impact that it adds to the eye makeup, you may choose to use fake eyelash


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