How to Apply Mascara for Long Lashes

Long, Lustrous lashes. This was the top makeup trend at the 2011 Grammy’s, and was used on most celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna. As a celebrity makeup artist, I am always asked how I get celebrities to have such gorgeous, long eye lashes. Many times, the look is achieved with fake real mink eyelashes (I prefer single falsies as opposed to lash strips. They look much more natural).

real mink eyelashes
real mink eyelashes

Tssdi , I am also asked on tips for mascara for those who don’t want to wear false lashes, so here are my quick and easy tips on how to get fuller, longer eye lashes, and the products I recommend.

1. Be sure to curl your real mink eyelashes. This helps your lashes to look longer, and have more depth.

2. A lash primer is key. This allows you to build and build lashes without “mucking” them up with too much mascara. Start at the base or the lash, and work your way up. It’s important to have a thick eyelash base, and a thin tip.

3. Choose a gentle, yet effective mascara. Most mascara is harmful and drying to the lashes. It’s important to use a fortifying mascara that will build and strengthen the lashes, and also gives the performance you want. Most women aren’t willing to sacrifice that key performance, so to get both healthy ingredients and quality is the holy grail.

Did you know that most mascara has ingredients like shellac (used to put shine on wood), tar (used to pave the roads), and Mercury (a known toxin)? It’s true. It’s amazing what companies put into their mascara just to make it last long, and to make you look pretty. Be sure to research the ingredients that you are using in your cosmetics. I recommend the Skin Deep Database, which rates the different ingredients on toxicity.

It’s great to have beautiful lashes, just be sure you are being healthy about it. These tips should help!

Christopher Drummond

real mink eyelashes
real mink eyelashes

I created an all natural, organic-based and vegan makeup line for those who want luxury makeup that is great for your skin.

I have worked with real mink eyelashes Jennifer Lopez and Brooke Shields, and I keep it simple and offer solutions for everyday women who don’t know much about makeup, and advanced solutions for those who do.

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