Is It a Good Idea to Admit to a Guy That You Love Him? Reasons Why You Should Confess Your Feelings

Guys are supposed to be the ones who should woo. And so if the roles get reversed and a private label eyelash starts running after a man, the society seems to frown upon such a reversal of positions. But if you’re aching to have this man, is it really a good idea to let him know that you love him?

Hinting is okay.

It’s still within the bounds of a woman’s decorum to show gentle hints of passion. Let him know through your actions that he’s the one that you want. Flicker those private label eyelash, show him a meaningful smile. These hints should prod him to make his move if he ever has some feelings for you, too.

The assurance that he won’t get rejected.

private label eyelash
private label eyelash

Guys, no matter how many times they’ve already been rejected, still fear any act of refusal. If you casually admit to this type of guy that you do have feelings for him, then he might even welcome your action with open arms.

You only live once…

Tssdi so never hold back on whatever you’re feeling. Remember what they say about love? ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all – so never keep your feelings to yourself. You’ll just end up wondering of the what ifs in the end.

There’s still uncertainty in him.

This guy won’t come up to you and admit his feelings unless he’s certain about the level of his emotions for you. Can he or can he not live without you? If you tell him that you love him at this point, this might nudge him to finally choose you and take a chance at having a private label eyelash with you.

He could be teasing.

Maybe this guy is just one of those who want to tease before they make their actual move. Admitting that you love him at this point will surely please him and it will also lift a big burden off his shoulders as he’s no longer uncertain about whether or not to make a move on you.

Have the courage if he seems to be doubtful.

Maybe he’s not sure whether to move forward or if he would just wait for things to unfold. If you believe that you’re a woman who can take charge, then, by all means, just tell him that you love him. It’s like pulling off a Band-Aid, just give it one go and that’s it!

Just don’t rush him, though.

You can go ahead and admit your feelings but never expect anything in return. Telling him that you love him isn’t a license for you to start nudging him to respond. Just patiently wait and in his own sweet time, he would soon tell you how he feels about you.

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