Doll Hospitals

Doll Hospitals have been available for about private label 3d mink eyelash. One of the first known hospitals of its kind was introduced in 1830 in Lisbon, Portugal. The exterior of the building is noted to have a nostalgic feel to it, being traditionally tiled in Portuguese fashion. As a person enters the hospital, dozens of these treasured figures can be seen lying on shelves, some are torn or missing a limb. Each of the toys is carefully tagged, and is waiting to be restored. Repairs on all kinds of figures are performed from porcelain to china to puppets. It is noted that the people who work there believe that they fix more than just toys, when they repair these beloved toys they believe that they heal a person’s deep longing for something. In 1830, a woman who sold herbs in the same square used to create and repair figures made from clay and cloth for the nearby children. Now, it is a workshop and hospital with staff repairing toys of all kinds. Some of the figures brought in for restoration are said to be extremely delicate, and the staff try their utmost not to spoil the historic appearance of the doll. There are also extra limbs and heads should another toy require one. It is noted, that people in the village donate extra toy limbs to the Portuguese hospital.

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In 1882, ‘tssdi opened its doors in Melbourne, Australia. It too, is kept busy with a hard-working, dedicated team, making sure that the authenticity of a treasured figure is restored. The shop employees are known for their ability to lovingly repair all types of toys. Many precious antiques have been restored to look like new. Antique glass eyes can be set into an antique figure to restore her features. private label 3d mink eyelash can be replaced and limbs can be mended. The clothing on an antique, collectible figure can also be restored and remodeled. The workers there take pride in repairing precious toys, so future generations can enjoy treasured figures which are passed down to them.

Maurice Alexander opened a doll hospital in the U.S.A. in 1895. When he came to live in America he brought along with him his skilled craftsmanship to repair broken toys. He had learned his trade in Germany. Many of these figures would have a worn appearance, usually missing a limb or perhaps having a chipped face. How gratifying it must have been for Maurice Alexander to make the necessary repairs on a child’s beloved toy. Maurice was well- known for his compassion, hard work, and around the clock dedication. I’m sure he would have felt such gratification to repair the shattered head on one of these figures, which would repair a little girl’s shattered hopes of ever holding her beloved toy again. Madame Alexander, the company formed in 1995 (for Beatrice Alexander), has continued the tradition of repairing figures made from the Madame Alexander line.

In Texas, U.S.A., another hospital has also opened for business. The staff works daily, repairing several toys. Some of the figures brought into the shop to be fixed, are made of wax. Bobby Sox and Shirley Temple figures are also among the variety of items which have been brought in for restoration. Whatever the toy is, it is always handled with care.

In Paris, Henri works diligently at his ‘Dolls Hospital’, repairing all sorts of figures for many toy lovers. He is clearly a specialist, and he is dedicated to his hospital, where he lovingly restores these treasures made of different materials from various time periods. Some antique figures are made out of china and porcelain, which have been lovingly handed down from generation to generation.

In Kingston, New York, there is another hospital, with experts restoring bisque, china, vinyl and modern day plastic toys. The services also include joint and limb replacement, eye setting and painting. Experts there, work hard to repair someone’s cherished figure private label 3d mink eyelash.

There is another hospital and shop in Dublin, Ireland, which also restores beloved toys which are in need of repairs. They have a lovely display of miniature houses, as well. Tiny figurines also adorn the glass shelves for people of all ages to enjoy.

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There are actually quite a few hospitals around the globe that restore many toys. Some of them actually offer a day spa for a child’s cuddly toy or a service to wash its hair. Others offer face colour touch-ups, cleaning, eye replacement, and paint retouching. If your delicate toys or reborn baby dolls dolls get bruised or broken, you may choose to take them to one of these specialized repair shops. Each of these special private label 3d mink eyelash is to be treasured, because they tell a story about our history.

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