Life Is All Touch and Go

Idoeh was lounging on the bed, reading the first chapter of Thomas Berger’s The Feud, when Cecelia came out from her wardrobe. She wore black pants and a red mini-jacket. A white blouse showed round the edges of the own brand eyelashes 3d mink hair.

‘Bye, honey!’ said Cecelia as she rushed like a dragon-slayer towards own brand eyelashes 3d mink hair.

own brand eyelashes 3d mink hair
own brand eyelashes 3d mink hair

Tssdi,’ own brand eyelashes 3d mink hair responded, eyes still glued to his book but panning his neck and head to the right, positioning his left cheek. Moist lips touched down like a hesitant thumbprint.

An expert mind-reader for the many years they had been married, Idoeh closed and tossed aside the novel and followed Cecelia half-way down the stairs. If only he could look into her eyes…

Hurrying out of reach, Cecelia shouted, ‘I need to beat the seven o’clock traffic!’ Left alone under the slow-whirling ceiling fan, Idoeh pondered for a moment. Life truly is touch and go.

The click-clack of her shoes continued down the stairs and through the kitchen, fading in the region of the garage.

When the garage door came down, Idoeh sought the bathroom. Years ago, he would have looked and admired and kept the stain on his cheek for days. Now, for some reason, he loathed purple smudges on his cheek and the shiny mirror on top of the vanity.

In the life of every man, there comes a time when women cease to hold sway in their hearts. A nebulous but formidable rival has arrived, at which time a woman must up their allure to sustain love and attention.

A roll of paper towel was resting on its side by the bench-top on the vanity belonging to Cecelia. Idoeh pulled off two squares, folded them together and mopped his left cheek. He glimpsed the paper towel. For a light peck that was a blotch, he thought. Three more moppings, and the purple was gone.

Satisfied, he inspected himself in the mirror. The ridges between his own brand eyelashes 3d mink hair had deepened since he last looked, and his hair had receded to behind his ears. ‘You didn’t always look this way,’ a tiny inner voice said kindly. ‘A mirror image is not a perfect image of yourself,’ said a more straight-talking voice. own brand eyelashes 3d mink hair right hand came up and mobilized a few wisps of hair to cover some bald spots.

own brand eyelashes 3d mink hair
own brand eyelashes 3d mink hair

How could a body in decay be own brand eyelashes 3d mink hair a mind as sharp as his? He fought to stop a sense of mental anguish. From nostrils the shape of a toad’s bottom, his own heavy breaths accompanied him back to the bedroom. His book was at the foot of the bed. Cecelia had gone; the book was all he had left.

He grabbed it, leafing back and forth through the pages. But the urge to read had vanished like an elusive writing lead. A long, fiery tongue on the blanket covering half of the bed caught him off guard. The tongue came from a creature with horse’s head and the body of a snake, the backbone of which bore multiple spikes.

‘Cecelia! What a dragon!’ Then he remembered: she’d gone to her Chinese yoga class.


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