How to Achieve Natural Makeup Looks

The first step to natural, glowing kiss flase eyelashes is to start with a good base which means beginning with skin that is in tip top condition. If you have a special event coming up try & give yourself a facial a couple of days before the big day, so that all dead skin is exfoliated and you are then left with smooth clear skin.

kiss flase eyelashes
kiss flase eyelashes

Tssdi Before you start with your foundation apply some moisturiser and eye cream to your face. The most natural makeup you can use on your face is mineral kiss flase eyelashes. The great thing about mineral makeup is that they are also very easy to apply. Start by tapping a little of the mineral powder into the lid of the container and using a swirling motion warm up the mineral with the makeup brush. Make sure you use the correct brush that is designed to be used with the mineral makeup as you will not get the correct coverage of the product. Start applying the mineral powder base to your face starting from the outside edges of your face in circular motions and gradually move to the middle of your face until you have full coverage – be careful not to put too much on though as we want it to look natural. Don’t forget blend to also blend the makeup down on your neck and decolletage so that you don’t end up with a different colour face to your neck area, We have all seen this from time to time and it is not a good look!

If you still feel that you have dark circles under or around you kiss flase eyelashes apply a little concealer to these areas, but again try not to apply too much – keep it simple. Using a natural slightly darker mineral makeup, lightly apply to the apples of your cheeks and to your eyelids. Finish the skin with a dusting of lucent mineral powder to give your skin that celebrity glow.

Next using a brown or grey eye liner, apply some liner to the outside top of your eyelash line. Start at the outside making it slightly wider and finishing thinner at the middle of your eyelid, before applying mascara lightly to the top and bottom kiss flase eyelashes, concentrating on the top outside lashes.

Finish with lining and filling in your lips with a natural coloured lip liner with a pale pink or clear gloss over the top!

Now you’re ready to take on anything!

kiss flase eyelashes
kiss flase eyelashes

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