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Mascara! I think every woman at least once in her life has searched for mascara that would be perfect for her handmade mink fur lashes . You may be one of these lucky people who have lashes with attitude to spare – long and thick. If so you are one of the lucky ones because it seems 90% of women out there fall into the short and stubby class of “where have my lashes gone” look. Little wonder that the biggest selling cosmetics product is mascara.

We all know what mascara is; that dark cosmetic preparation that you apply on your handmade mink fur lashes  to thicken or darken them with the aim of looking good first thing in the morning.  Hssdi Yeah! That! Well, considering just how many mascaras are for sale on any store shelf, why is it so had to find the right one for you? My friend finally found a great mascara that works perfectly on her eyelashes. The message was initially relayed to me by a friend who had had a “eureka” moment. I must admit, I was skeptical of it at first, just like most of us are, but my doubts were soon put to rest after I experimented with the product. The results were amazing. And the best part is this mascara actually works on all types of eyelashes. No matter how short, long or thick your eyelashes.

You should look for a mascara which will offer a long and luscious lash but it also gives a natural look and applies easily without clumping; a common characteristic that many mascaras are guilty of. While it is a fact that many women want fuller looking handmade mink fur lashes  and brighter looking eyes, they don’t always get what they want. However, mascara in lush navy is a game changer. Unlike the mascaras of the past which came in all sorts of colors, the deep navy shade is a revelation as it reflects into the eyes, giving the illusion of brighter looking eyes. This makes it a definite top mascara to check out. Finding a navy mascara in waterproof will be difficult as the technology is yet to be created. But the standard navy shade of mascara is truly and by far a favorite lash product with almost everyone who has tried it. Eyelashes are feathery light and silky smooth.

After years of buying and experimenting with so many brands out there, I think this mascara has some truly unique properties. No matter what shape your handmade mink fur lashes  are, using the right mascara can produce a unique and dazzling effect that can bring out the beauty of your eyes.

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handmade mink fur lashes 
handmade mink fur lashes

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