Five Make Up Accessories For the fake eyelashes online

We all have our undying makeup loyalties – the brand we trust and the products we know work for us. However, whichever favourite foundation, must-have lipstick or to-die-for eye shadow that you always have handy in your purse – you need to also make sure that you have the right tools for the job fake eyelashes online.

There are countless accessories and tools that make up your makeup routine: brushes, swabs, curlers, straighteners, volumisers – the list is endless. However, if you’re heading for that dream weekend away, you don’t want your cosmetics to take up half of your luggage space. If you’re flying, aviation rules and baggage limits can really put a damper on your plans fake eyelashes online.

fake eyelashes online
fake eyelashes online

But even with limited space, there’s no reason you can’t look fab on the go. If your makeup case is bursting at the seams, here’s the list of five take along accessories that conveniently pack into your handbag:

  1. Makeup sponges –  tssdi when it comes to applying foundation, your fingers are an absolute no-no. Sponges are the best way to ensure even coverage. If you’re on the go, a compact might be the more transportable option over mineral foundation.
  2. Powder brush – for blush application, a powder brush keeps you in control, use long broad strokes rather than dabbing and always brush in one direction. For setting your face, consider a cotton puff or large powder brush for smooth and flawless coverage.
  3. Eye shadow brush – when it comes to blending eye makeup, nothing else gives you the picture perfect results of a good quality eye shadow brush. For emphasising the crease of your eye, try a broader contour brush.
  4. Tweezers – sturdy tweezers are an absolute must have for getting rid of unwanted facial hair. They can also come in handy for any MacGyver-esque scenarios.
  5. Eyelash Curler – for gorgeous stand out eyes, an fake eyelashes online curler coupled with voluminous mascara are a proven combination. Make sure you curl your eyelashes before mascara application as your eyelashes are more brittle once they’re wet.

Flying with Makeup

fake eyelashes online
fake eyelashes online

If flying, make sure you observe the latest aviation restrictions when it comes to carrying liquids and cosmetics. In Australia, you should make sure that any liquids are carried in containers under 100 mL containers and they should be placed in a clear plastic bag fake eyelashes online.

This includes any lip balms, lotions, foundations and lipsticks. Fortunately, you can keep your nail files and tweezers in your carry on as of late December last year – whew.

What’s in your must-have makeup arsenal fake eyelashes online?

What are the must-have make up for your perfect holiday?


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