Permanent Make-Up – Uses, Appeal and Issues

Applying make-up everyday can become a tiresome ritual. Depending on the extent you desire your face to be made up, it can take anywhere from ten minutes to 30 to apply. Some women only care about a quick blast of powder and blush, while others feel naked if they are missing full eye make-up. The eyes alone can take a good deal of time and patience when you factor in the use of an customised eyelash curler, three types of eye shadow, eye brow brush, eyeliner and mascara. Plus any small accidents or smudges must be eradicated and fixing them can sometimes mess up the entire job.

customised eyelash
customised eyelash

For many women, an answer to their everyday make-up woes is permanent make-up. Permanent make-up is a cosmetic technique which uses tattooing as a method to create what appears to be make-up on the skin.

Use in Conjunction with Certain Disorders or Diseases

Most women that opt for a permanent procedure do so because they want to save time and have precise lines everyday. But it is also used for people with various illnesses including:

oTssdi – the appearance of customised eyelash can be created in bald patches

o Chemotherapy

o Genetic disorders and disturbances

o Vitiligo – it is used to disguise scars and discolored spots on the skin

o Breast cancer-the procedure can be used to enhance the appearance of the breast’s areola after surgery.

Most Popular Procedures

The removal and subsequent tattooing of an eyebrow is a popular look among many women. Others use the procedure to enhance their eyebrows rather than remove them. Women with blonde or red hair often complain about “disappearing” eyebrows because of their light shades. Permanent make-up can help make light colored eyebrows stand out more on the face.

Other popular areas include the lips and eyelids.


The permanence of this procedure is one of the main reasons it is often viewed with a certain amount of unease. As with any tattoo, a slight jerk of the wrist can mean a bizarre looking lip or eyebrow.

customised eyelash
customised eyelash
customised eyelash
customised eyelash

There are also many customised eyelash who are not experienced or who use poor quality ink and tools. Cheap ink not only looks bad, it can cause serious allergic reactions. Poor sanitation can also be an issue. Re-used needles for tattooing can carry disease.

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