Three Ways To Get An best real 3d mink strip lashes  Extension Job

A few years ago, hair extensions were the hottest celebrity trend. Today, these trendsetters are so much into eyelash extension fashion. Just as there are many types of hair extensions, best real 3d mink strip lashes  extensions are a range. One can choose among a number of colors so as to match every casual or upscale occasion. When a woman is looking to improve the appearance of her eyelash, she must evaluate the available options not to overspend.

There are three major ways she can do this. First, she may opt to arrange for a cosmetic surgery, a procedure that attempts to imitate the natural growing lash. The surgeon cuts a graft from a lady’s scalp, separates hair and attaches each at a time to her eyelid. His or her aim is to create a new line of best real 3d mink strip lashes  that would grow just as the normal ones do. The procedure is permanent and once a woman goes through it she will not have to crave fake extensions or semi permanent ones.

When done clinically by a certified cosmetic surgeon, the procedure is quick and accurate. He or she will need to collect at least fifty to sixty individual hairs with at least ninety five percent survival rate. While this method works, it is extremely expensive for an ordinary woman. Having a one-eye therapy can require around three thousand dollars and that is expensive for an ordinary female. If anyone intends to go through the therapy, she must be completely healthy. In addition, a diabetic patient or any other with a serious ailment may want to see a doctor first.

best real 3d mink strip lashes 
best real 3d mink strip lashes

 Tssdi the process is painful but if performed by the right person and with the right tools, it might hurt less. The Permanent eyelash extension needs simpler maintenance after the implantation. It just requires regular trimming to look great. The implants are thicker, longer and attractive than natural best real 3d mink strip lashes . Additionally, they do not require any further maintenance using money after the surgery.

If you cannot afford these, try the fake extensions. They come in many different colors including red, green and black. With these, you can experiment so as to discover what works best for you. These look like real clones of the naturally growing best real 3d mink strip lashes  only that they are synthetic. Even though they are very cheap and appropriate for normal women, these fibres are piece of work.

They require daily application using special glue products. In order to do things right, a woman has to learn to fix every lash in proportion with the naturally growing ones. She has to fix it on top of the ordinary ones and make sure she does it as close to the root as possible. The procedure takes determination and practice to work out. Both fake extensions and adhesives are very affordable.

The last are the semi permanent

best real 3d mink strip lashes 
best real 3d mink strip lashes

styles. These are not very cheap for an ordinary woman because they need a touch up every three weeks to six weeks. First, a lady has to see an experienced beautician for the first time fix which may cost up to 500 dollars. During a touch up session that involves replacing the fallen best real 3d mink strip lashes  she could pay up to 75 dollars.

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