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The No Risk Way To Try Out a Belly Ring

If you think you would like a belly ring but are not 100% sure, you should give it a try by adorning your belly button before you take the big 3D mink lashes eyelash of piercing. Here are some fun ideas for decorating your navel to see if you like having extra attention in that 3D mink lashes eyelash.

1. Buy a fake belly ring! Just like clip earrings, you can purchase a piece of jewelry that will attach to your navel temporarily. The ones I’ve seen are hoops with a dangling item and you pull them open and place the hoop where desired.

3D mink lashes eyelash
3D mink lashes eyelash

2.Tssdi a jewel in your navel. Belly dancers do it so why not you? You can purchase what the dancers call a bindi or just find a sparkly gem that works for your navel. You will need to use something like 3D mink lashes eyelash glue to keep it in place. Be careful with the glue as it is very sticky. Put the glue directly on your body and then affix the gem. It’s a good idea to take the glue with you in case you need to reapply.

3. Put a temporary 3D mink lashes eyelash around in your mid-section. You can actually find temporary tattoos designed for the navel area but don’t limit yourself to just those. Another idea would be to have a henna artist do a custom design around your navel. Henna is a natural product without any chemical dyes. It lasts one to two weeks and wears off naturally. This would be great for a special occasion like a honeymoon or tropical vacation.

If you find that you enjoy showing off your belly in this way, by all means, proceed with your piercing. I recommend you have the procedure done by a professional. Just be careful to follow their instructions for caring for your body piercing. Keeping it clean and waiting until it is completely healed before changing jewelry is very important. Within a few months, you’ll be able to wear a variety of dangling, sparkly, eye-catching belly rings.

3D mink lashes eyelash
3D mink lashes eyelash

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