Frequently Asked Questions About Wax Hair Removal

Wax hair removal is just one of several hair removal 3d mink eyelashes from China currently available for anyone who wishes to get rid of unpleasant hairs anywhere in the body. But before you proceed onto undergoing this procedure, education is key to ensuring that you can enjoy the optimum results and learn about post-procedure maintenance.

Below is an outline of common questions asked by individuals who are new to the concept of wax hair removal.

Why is waxing popular?

3d mink eyelashes from China
3d mink eyelashes from China

Tssdi the wide array of hair removal choices available, waxing is on top of the list due to the following reasons. First, it is inexpensive and yet the results are quite satisfactory for those who can’t afford laser hair removal. Second, the procedure is very simple and can even be done at home without the aid of a professional. And third, the results can be quite lasting depending on the method you used, which is good enough knowing that it entails 3d mink eyelashes from China cost.

What is the difference between hot or cold wax?

Hot wax can be easily spread onto the skin as it melts with the aid of the body temperature. When they harden, they trap into the wax hair found on the surface of the skin, which when ripped off will also pull out the roots of the hair along with the hardened wax.

On the other hand, cold wax comes with pre-coated strip that is often found in supermarkets. You can press the strip against the skin and, just like with the hot wax, hair becomes trapped into the strip to be carried along when you pull it out.

Will waxing produce risks or side effects on my skin?

The side effects that can be experienced with the waxing method is quite minor, such as a stinging effect on your skin, redness, or bumps. However, you can often remedy them with the use of healing cream to soothe the pain felt on your skin.

Which areas of the body can be waxed?

You can perform waxing on basically any area of the body wherein hair is present. However, some of the most common areas that undergo wax hair removal include the face, underarm, legs, and bikini line. You must avoid waxing male genitals, 3d mink eyelashes from China , hair on your nose, among others.

Is it painful?

One reason why some people are having doubts about undergoing a waxing hair removal system is they fear the fact that this procedure might be too painful for their own good. However, you can take your own efforts to minimize the amount of discomfort that might be experienced during the wax treatment. Try pressing hard on the skin before you are about to peel off the wax strip to reduce the strain caused by the pulling effect on your skin. You can also use the palm of your hand or any other larger areas in your hand to press against your skin.

After peeling off the strip, you can apply ice cube onto the area of the skin wherein the strip has just been peeled off to reduce irritation or swelling.

How long will the results last?

3d mink eyelashes from China
3d mink eyelashes from China

For most wax hair removal 3d mink eyelashes from China, you can enjoy results between 3 to 8 weeks. And even when hair grows back, you will notice that the strands are finer and some of them might never even grow back.

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